"Stay Hydrated my Friends!"

Inspired by an island culture that harvests the coconuts from the trees growing in their back yard for hydration and sustenance, Kauai locals, Rohn Boyd and Jay Ensworth, founded Wai Koko Beverage Company in 2012.


Originally intending to bring the Hawaiian coconut water to market, they quickly discovered the lack of any sustainable coconut agriculture on the islands.  Undeterred from their mission, the duo traveled the globe hoping to find a sustainable source of coconuts that rivaled as closely as possible the quality and purity of Hawaiian coconuts.  This proved a challenge as they scoured the world supply, and yet finally discovering it while adventuring in Thailand- their true noelani!

About Wai Koko Coconut Water


Revered and beloved, the coconut has a longstanding place in the traditions of the Hawaiian peoples. The water from the coconut is often referred to as “noelani” which translates as dew from the heavens. From the ancient Polynesians who used it to replenish while on their demanding voyages to the modern-day local adventurers and sportsmen, it remains the natural “sports drink” of choice across the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands, Caribbean, Southeast Asia and South America.

Nutritional Benefits
"why Koko"?