Meet Wai Koko Coconut Water Brand Ambassador-  Jenny Lee


Life in Waikiki can be crazy at times, but I absolutely love it.  Thankfully, my lifestyle allows me to enjoy life through the three most important influences in it, surfing, the ocean, and my family.  When I’m at work, I can’t help but feel lucky to be in and around the ocean by helping others as a City and County of Honolulu Lifeguard.  When I’m not working, I’ll find any reason to play in the ocean, but surfing is absolutely the number one priority when it comes to play days.  The feeling I get from surfing is incomparable, and I don’t ever see my life without it.  I am thankful for every opportunity surfing has given me.  When it comes to my family, they’re the number one influence in my life.  In everything I do, I want to be able to share, and give every moment to the people I love the most.  My family gives me my drive to wake up every day and live.  Thankfully, Waikoko Coconut Water adds another positive influence to my active ocean lifestyle.  It’s nourishing hydration allows me to play from sun up to sun down.  I truly love the life I live.  #WaikikiLove


Aloha, Jenny “WaikikiLove” Lee

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