Meet Wai Koko Coconut Water Brand Ambassador-  Keikilani Grune


Health and Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, eating the right foods, taking my vitamins, staying active and staying hydrated. Growing up my Mom was fanatical about what we put (and didn’t) put into our bodies. As an athlete optimal nutrition was a necessity. I have to say, it has rubbed off on me. As a mom myself I hope to instill the same level of awareness into my boys. I am always on the lookout for “healthier” alternatives, I had heard that coconut water was what we should be drinking to replace the typical sports drink. But it wasn’t until I had Wai Koko that I liked the taste of coconut water and saw all the benefits that this natural, no preservative hydrating beverage had to offer! I am so happy that this is one more thing I can give to my kids and feel good about it. No more artificial sweeteners and colors, who doesn’t love that?!  Now with the infusions, there is something for everyone!


 Keikilani Grune (happy healthy mom)

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