Meet Wai Koko Coconut Water Brand Ambassador-Ky Vuong


Oahu Hawaii


FITNESS ! This is easily my mission & passion which is to instill the health & fitness principles to everyone. I’ve always been an advocate with helping people become better whether to look a certain way or feel better about themselves. I been told by many friends / peers that I motivate them or inspire them to start working out and taking care of their health. This has provided a rewarding experience for me and I look forward to helping and inspiring as many as people as possible. Through my fitness website I’m able to communicate to many throughout the world!

Wai Koko coconut water has enable me to fully utilize the nutritional component of fitness. It’s crucial to rehydrate your body through liquids and coconut water is the BEST thing that tastes great! If you read the back n see the ingredients, there are less than 3. Anything more than that your drink is filled with fillers n not as pure!

I’m grateful to be on the Wai Koko Coconut Water team!

Take care and Aloha!

Ky Vuong, Fitness Consultant & Competitor

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